Sports Economics Talk

An event series
organised by the Sports Economics Research Group

In the "Sports Economics Talk", a sports economics topic is examined from the perspective of science and practice. In this lecture series, academics and practitioners present their findings and experiences. The Sports Economics Talk is a public event that focuses on a different topic each semester.


Below you will find the programme and detailed information on the upcoming series of events (as soon as available). Past events are also presented here.

The majority of children and adolescents in Switzerland do not achieve the 60 minutes of exercise per day recommended by the World Health Organisation. This is despite the fact that the positive effects of sport and exercise are well documented and that insufficient exercise leads to numerous negative (health) consequences. The series of events will examine the importance of sport and exercise in childhood and adolescence from different perspectives.


This series of lectures will explore relevant questions around data analytics in professional sport. How is Big Data being used in professional sport? What are the risks and opportunities associated with the availability of Big Data? Where is the untapped potential?

Programme 16.11.2022 / 30.11.2022

Programme 07.12.2022

What is the extent of betting manipulation in sport? Which sports are particularly susceptible? Who is behind the manipulation? What role do digitalisation and the Corona pandemic play in the manipulation of sports competitions? What preventive measures are there and how efficient are the early warning systems that have been set up?

In the context of this lecture series, these and other relevant questions surrounding the market for sports betting and the manipulation of sporting events will be discussed.