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Soccer Analytics - Further Analyses

On this page we provide additional analyses complementing those presented on the main page.


Comparison of different teams
Below we present our calculations in an interative dashboard. You can choose several teams as you like and compare their predictions. As explained in the further analysis section, we recalculate the predicted points for every team after each matchday to generate the most probable ranking and update our predictions. The upper chart displays the evolution of the expected points until the end of the season. In the lower figure we show the probabilities for the selected teams to finish the season on each rank. Choose your favorite teams and compare their predicted path of points.


Forecast dynamics over the course of the season
In this dashboard we illustrate our predictions of the current season for a single team. You can compare the probabilities to finish on a certain rank calculated after different stages of the season. We update the predictions of the remaining games after every matchday and include the latest results to incorporate the actual dynamics in our estimation. The model reflects that teams may perform better or worse than our initial prediction and adapts the forecast based on the observed results. The dashboard further shows the expected and achieved points over the last 5 games and compares the realized points to the predicted evolution before season. Choose your favorite team and observe how the latest results affect the prediction of the remaining season.