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Soccer Analytics - Further Analyses

On this page we provide additional analyses complementing those presented on the main page.

Probabilities of ranks
The following graph illustrates the numbers about the probabilities to finish on a certain rank from the table on the main page. You can compare teams as you like by cumstomizing the graph accordingly.

Changes in the predictions during the season

As described in further explanations, we update our forecasts after each matchday. The updates take into account current over- and underperformance of the teams and increase or decrease the expected points accordingly.

ER x: Expected ranks after current matchday
ER 0: Expected ranks before season
EP x: Expected points after current matchday
EP 0: Expected points before season
↑↓: Difference between EP x and EP 0

Evolution of points during the season

As already described on the main page, we calculate the predicted points for each team after every game to calculate the forecast of the final table. The predicted evolution of points for the season is shown in the graph below.

Seasonal goals
The following table summarizes the results of the first graph on the main page. It shows the probabilities of teams to achieve different seasonal goals (to win the title, qualify to the Champions League, etc.) at the end of the season.

ER: Expected rank
Probabilities smaller than 1% are not displayed